Uofc.(Unofficial) is a Seoul, KR-based graphic design and art direction team, organized in 2017 by three members – planner & director Hong Junki, graphic designer Choi Yoonhong and Shin Jaeho. We are typically working on various design projects collaborating with small & large businesses or individuals in the commercial and cultural sectors, focusing on art direction, identity, print, publication, photography, motion, installation and interactive work.


Selected Projects

From WEBSIDE at dip
Performance, 9 Feb 2018
Poster, 297 x 420 mm, digital printing
Planner: Hong Junki
Poster design: Shin Jaeho
From WEBSIDE at dip P/V
Performance, 9 Feb 2018
Video, 1080 x 1350 px, 40 sec
Planner: Hong Junki
Editing & motion design: Choi Yoonhong