Uofc.(Unofficial) is a Seoul, KR-based graphic design and art direction team, organized in 2017 by three men – planner & director Hong Junki, graphic designer Choi Yoonhong and Shin Jaeho. We are typically working on various design projects collaborating with small and large businesses or individuals in the commercial and cultural sectors, focusing on art direction, identity, printed matter, publication, photography, motion graphics, Exhibition, installation and interactive work.



From WEBSIDE at dip
Performance, 9 February 2018
Poster, 297 x 420 mm, digital printing
Planner: Hong Junki
Poster design: Shin Jaeho
From WEBSIDE at dip P/V
Performance, 9 February 2018
Video, 1080 x 1350 px, 40 sec
Planner: Hong Junki
Editing & motion design: Choi Yoonhong
THE DEF: Fine Jewelry
Identity, November 2017
Business card, Letterhead, Packaging box, Hang tag, Sticker, Box tape
Idenity design: Choi Yoonhong, Shin Jaeho
Application design: Choi Yoonhong